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What We Do

BeDo is all about big ideas. We help clients craft strategies and drive movements. Founded by Marc Mathieu, we work with a spectrum of companies from multinational corporations to visionary startups.

How We Do It

No one can be the best at everything. We understand that. But we still refuse to settle.

We are curators. Because our visions are usually quite expansive and typically engage multiple channels and vehicles, they require a fleet of experts. From animation to film, web design to graphic design, we seek out the best to bring a vision to life.

Curating the process end-to-end, we ensure that the overall vision is maintained and is realized in the most compelling way possible.

Core Team

Marc Mathieu, Founder
Meggan Wood, Principal
Anne Seymour, Office Manager

Corporate Strategy

We think big. Period. Our visionary expertise takes us a variety of places within a client corporation—from branding and marketing to sustainability and social responsibility—and for that reason, our work comes to life in many different ways.

Here’s a snapshot of our more frequent executions:

  • facilitated big idea work sessions to help your team craft bold visions and create cross-function alignment;
  • curated immersion days to surround your team with the new now next of marketing and innovation;
  • holistic, integrated platforms that reach multiple channels and that effectively communicate a vision and incite a movement, typically anchored in legacy, innovation, or CSR;
  • branded programs and campaigns that typically enhance legacy, innovation, or CSR platforms by creating culture and impact;
  • digital engagement tools that inspire action from your stakeholders, both internally and externally.

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Start-up Development

We get our hands dirty. Our thinking also takes us into visionary startups, where we provide the branding and marketing expertise of the corporate world to innovative social enterprises to expand their growth potential.

This work generally takes shape in the following ways:

  • brand strategies that build behavior and creates market forces;
  • marketing plans that activate the brand and help the company achieve specific goals;
  • partnership opportunities with likeminded corporations to increase reach and credibility.

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Thought Leadership

We believe in the power of movements. Whether its a specific movement—such as the triple bottom line, higher meaning in the workplace, or the social media revolution—or movements as a whole, we frequently explore movements in context of the cultural shifts they can ignite and the business impact they can have, both globally and locally, often anchoring the discussion within the world of branding and infusing it with many years of marketing expertise.

Here's a quick rundown on some of the larger events that we have been involved in:

  • Compostmodern 2011
  • Shanghai 2010 Global Marketing Leadership Summit
  • BrandFestival 2010
  • Sustainable Brands Conference 2010
  • The Unreasonable Institute 2010
  • Modern Atlanta: Design is Human
  • Clinton Global Initiative
  • Rachel Carson Celebration of Biodiversity
  • Prince of Wales's Business & the Environment Programme
  • TED@State

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