As a prelude to the Social Capital Markets Conference, BeDo Intra 2009 examined the intersection of money and meaning within corporations, exploring the implications of this game-changing trend and highlighting the successes and challenges faced by mavericks and change-makers in the field. The first of its kind, BeDo Intra 2009 explored this movement with a small group of people, who brought not only quality to the table, but also the diversity that we see as critical for the development of the collaborative networks that are needed to enable the change required.

We saw this message echoed beautifully in the opening that Sonal Shah delivered at SOCAP09: the change required cannot happen in silos, and the connection with the corporate world will have to happen to enable the significant change required. We want to congratulate all of our attendees on creating a compelling and relevant dialogue that inspired and resonated with all of us here at BeDo, as well as those at SOCAP09, and, hopefully, you as well.


"It's been wonderful to watch a community of social intrapreneurs form. BeDo is doing a great job building a network of people who are making a difference, and it was inspiring to learn from each others' successes and challenges."

- Jocelyn Wyatt, Social Innovation Lead, IDEO

"It was absolutely refreshing to gather with such a talented group of motivated young executives. I found it to be an excellent forum to share ideas, to network, and, importantly, to think about how each of us can help shape the future. Clearly, the power of this movement is real, and I look forward to seeing more great things from BeDo!"

- Greg Welch, Global Consumer Practice, Spencer Stuart

"I met some great people at the event, and it was good to be with so many like-minded people in such a fabulous venue."

- Liam Black, Partner, Wavelength

"BeDo Intra 09 was one of the most engaging and inspiring events in which I’ve ever participated. I don’t say that lightly as I have produced and spoken at many, many events (not to mention the ones I’ve simply attended) around the world over the past 10+ years. The energy in the room was palpable, and it was matched by the passion and intelligence of the people on the dais and off it. I found new ideas, as well as people with a profound commitment to realize the promise of the marriage of money and meaning."

- Eric J. McNulty, Global Consumer Practice, Spencer Stuart

"It was a great experience for me; I met phenomenal like-minded people who I look forward to collaborating with in the near term."

- Adam Fried, President & Founder, PIVOT Philanthropy